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Little Women Preview

Every November the theater department puts on a musical, everyone knows that, but this year is different. This year’s production is Little Women, which has not traditionally been a musical, and it promises to entertain at the highest level.

Don’t expect to laugh however, when you step into the auditorium on November 15th. Usually the annual musical is a lighthearted comedy, but this year’s production is no laughing matter. Little Women is a dramatic story that follows the lives of four sisters in post-Civil-War America through life, love, disease, and hardship.

“It’s unusual for our winter production to be so serious,” said senior Brody Smith, “Little Women is typically not a musical.”

Little Women takes place in a small town in New England and is centered around four sisters; Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, who live in poverty with their mother Marmee. At first they are unhappy being poor until they receive a letter from their father, a chaplain in the Union Army, inspiring them to bear their burden with less complaining and not feel bad about their poverty. The rest of the story follows them through their maturity, as they experience marriage, independence, death, and many other plot curves.

The cast has been set, and the actors are starting rehearsal soon. For many, acting is their favorite activity.

“It’s cool to be someone you’re not for a while,” said sophomore Mikala Petillo “That’s why I love acting.”

Every player has a different way of getting into character, and fending off stage fright, and everyone has a different reason for trying out, but as a whole, the group has one goal:

“We hope that people are intrigued by the relationships that we portray on stage and feel the same emotions we’re trying to get across.”