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Kisses from Katie

     Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, written by Katie Davis, is an award winning book.

     Kisses from Katie is a true story about a young woman’s experiences in Uganda, a small poverty stricken country in Africa. During her senior year of high school, Katie Davis decides that she wants to go on a mission trip over her Christmas break. With her mother, Katie heads to Uganda to work with children at an orphanage where events will take place that will forever change her life. When she returns home, Katie cannot stop thinking and talking about Uganda. Feeling drawn back to the country she now loves so much, Katie plans to take a year in between high school and college to go back to Uganda and volunteer. Although her parents disapprove, Katie follows her heart right back to wear she had been only months earlier. Katie gets a job as a school teacher and although it is tough because of the language barrier, number of students and lack of supplies, she manages. While she is there Katie goes around the town helping children she sees that are in need. Katie ends up living in Uganda and by the age of 22 she has adopted 13 young orphaned girls.

     Kisses from Katie is mostly about her faith journey in all of this craziness. The book has specific stories about Katie helping the neglected children in the town. Some of the stories are a little sickening to read, either from just how gross the situation is or because you know no one cares for or loves these little children. It is amazing to see how one person can do all that she does. Kisses From Katie is most defiantly a page turner that I really enjoyed reading.