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Imagine life without your cell phone always on you: you’d have no way of reaching people with just a few buttons, no navigators at the palm of your hands and the worst, no texting.

It seems that a majority of students at South have iPhones, and some are starting to realize how dependent they have become on their devices.

 “I have a lot of useful apps,” said Jacob Randall, junior.  “My iPhone makes it so much easier to communicate with how fast and easy to use it is.”

One of the things a lot of students like about having an iPhone is that it seems to do almost anything.  With features like Siri, the phone has really come a long way.

“I had a Motorola Rival before my iPhone,” said Kevin Briody, senior. “It didn’t have apps and just wasn’t as handy.  I love everything about my iPhone.”

With all the hype of the new iPhone 5 which comes out today, some students like Chase Reikhof, junior, are ecstatic about getting the new and improved version today after school.

“I can’t wait to get my iPhone 5 after school today,” said Reikhof.  “It’s going to be the best iPhone yet.”

While some plan on getting the updated iPhone, some students feel they are just fine with the iPhone 4.

“I don’t need the update; my four has all the necessities,” said Randall.  “It’s got a calculator, it has a GPS and it has everything you could possibly need.”