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He is the Sky King.

The anime Air Gear is an amazing anime about a boy who discovers a pair of roller skates. You heard me correctly, roller skates, but not just any roller skates, Air Treks, electric powered roller skates that can go on pretty much any surface, as long as you have enough speed and style.

Ikki Minami finds a pair of Air Treks and decides to take em for a spin after getting beat down by a group of people who all used them. He meets these same people and decides to race them, beginning his journey of becoming the Sky King. Ikki decides to make his own team to climb the tower of Trophaeum and be known as the Sky King, his team is known as Kogarasumaru.

This team is comprised of Itsuki (Ikki) Minami, Kazuma (Kazu) Mikura, Onigiri, Issa (Fat Buccha) Mihotoke, Akito/Agito Wanijima. If you want to know whether Ikki manages to finish or not, make sure to watch Air Gear, but then continue on with the Manga, because where the anime leaves off, is just the beginning.