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Great Cosplayers

Since I’ve done quite a lot of reviews, I thought this time I’d talk about some of the greatest and hardest cosplays I can find, I mean, sure their are some cosplays that are good, but their are also those cosplays that are great, that are amazing, and that can’t be described using the comprehension of speech!

Most of these cosplays are giant robots, or things of the such, but the reason for that is because who can actually manage to do a cosplay like that, and make it work? Well these people did, and they did a great job at that.

To some, cosplaying is a way to have a good time, meet new people, and just stand out from the crowd, which is honestly the reason I do it. But to others like the people here, cosplaying is obviously a way of life, because these cosplays were amazing! So heres a list of the cosplays I’m postin here.

The featured image of this post is of Samus, from Metroid, because I thought that cosplay was great, with all the lighs correctly in it and such. The first cosplay shown is from Gundam, a series which usually has a group of people given this highly powerful mechs, and trained for years to use them, using their mechs to defeat the government which threatens the well being of the people.

The next cosplay is the final bot from Gurren Lagann, this thing is freaking awesome, they even got the green fire that’s on the bot. The next two are an Elf and an Ent from the Lord of the Rings, to the other side is Nightmare from Soul Calibur.┬áThe last two cosplays that I’m putting up on here are Sasori from Naruto in his Hiruko puppet outfit, followed by a Big Sister from Bioshock 2. And thats it for cosplays, thanks for checking another awesome one of my posts.