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Better With Time

Many wine connoisseurs have stated that certain kinds of wine get better as they age. Rumors have been heard through the grapevine that bottles of wine that were brought up from the Titanic were sold for thousands of dollars.

All rumors set aside; Aaron Dontez Yates has defined this wine theory with his career.

Yates, better known for his stage name, Tech N9ne, has had one of the most successful independent rap careers in the history of music. Tech started his own label in 2001 out of his hometown of KCMO and has watched his fan base grow from solely Kansas City natives, to millions of people all over the world.

Tech N9ne got his big break when he released his All 6’s and 7’s album in the summer of 2011, nearly ten years after starting Strange Music. This album included many artists from the mainstream world, including B.o.B, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and T-Pain. This was Tech’s most successful album, and it’s not hard to see why.

In earlier years, Tech N9ne only appealed to listeners of the underground music world. Because his label was independent, he had no way of getting his music on the radio or tv channels such as MTV. But by teaming up with folks in the mainstream community, this was the first time Tech N9ne had his songs on the radio station outside of KC, and had music videos on MTV.

Even despite Tech N9ne having much more success, he lost the allegiance of a lot of his die-hard fans that have been with him from the beginning. They believed he “sold-out” his style for the fame of being a mainstream artist and felt as if they would not like this new Tech.

So how does Tech respond to this? Does he continue to make strides in mainstream hip-hop, or does he put out some more underground rap for his fans?

For Tech, that question is redundant; the fans.

Today, September 18, 2012, Tech N9ne released an EP album named EBAH (Evil Brain Angel Heart). This album has a lot of content that resembles the things that Tech used to rap about, before he was ever even a thought in the mainstream music community.

The album title refers to Tech’s life long battle between good and evil. Throughout his lifetime, Tech’s seen a lot of good and bad things: Supporting his mother’s struggles with epilepsy and pancreatic cancer, while never having a father figure around. It’s a miracle Tech has turned out as successful as he has. He’s saying that although he has done a lot of evil things and has had many evil thoughts, he will also deep down have a heart of gold, and will always do what he thinks is best for the ones that he loves.

Make sure you go and check out EBAH and see what you think. Whether you are a die-hard Tech Fan, or never even heard of him, it has a message that we can all take away from it: All humans are both good and evil.