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Attention All Artists

Megan Carson, art, applies henna to a student during Art Space on August 30. Photo by Megan McMullen

The first Art Space meeting of the school year was held yesterday, Thursday, August 30.

“Art Space is a great opportunity for students who aren’t enrolled in an art class to get a creative outlet,” said Megan Carson, art teacher, “For students who are enrolled, it gives them time to do extra fun activities that they typically cannot do in class.”

An art club has been at South since the school opened twelve years ago. South’s first two art teachers, Ms. Smither and Ms. George, began the club as an opportunity for students to work on their on their art projects after school. The club was named ‘Art Space’ two years ago when the teachers and club members wanted to be “hip”.

When the club first began, students were allowed to work on whatever art they chose. However, students would often become bored and stop attending the club. Two years ago when the club was renamed, the art teachers also decided to begin having an art project for each club meeting.

South’s four art teachers switch weeks in which they teach a project. The art projects can include everything from printmaking to ceramics, even henna tattoos. Students can chose to do these projects or work on their own school art work.

“My AP students are always using this extra time to catch up on their projects,” said Carson.

There is a $10 fee for Art Space, in order to offset the cost of art supplies. The art club lasts from the end of the school day until around 4 p.m. However, Art Space ends around Spring Break, due to students becoming involved in sports and other extra curricular activites around that time period.

“No one gets a grade for their art work at Art Space and no one judges the art work. I think that’s the best part,” said Carson.