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Battle of the… Band?

An empty stage was all that remainded April 27 after Battle of the Bands was canceled. Photo by Jake Parolin

No you didn’t misread that headline, nor was that a typo.  Instead of this year’s battle of the bands, STUCO experienced a battle…of the band.

For the past four years STUCO has held a battle of the bands, a competition for the school’s music groups.  They have been successful in the past, succeeding in bringing a large group of the student population BACK to school even after the final bell has rung.

But this year’s was a bit…un-eventful.  Mostly because it didn’t happen. 

There were supposed to be three groups involved: Tokarev, AJ Young and The Dandelions.

Tokarev is an electronic music duo consisting of Chase Cannon (Junior) and Nathan Goldberg. (Junior)  In an interview with Cannon, he said that they were inspired by the French electronic duo: “Daft Punk”.  Tokarev even goes so far to don old CRT computer monitors on their heads at shows to conceal their identity. 

“It helps us get over the fear of being judged, what we look like shouldn’t matter, we’re just there to play music and have a good time,” said junior Nathan Goldberg.

Unfortunately, Tokarev was the only group to show up to the first and second rehearsal, they set up their equipment, connected it to the PA system and preformed as they would have on April 27.  Their performance seemed well rehearsed, Goldberg on the turntables and Canon on the effects processer, and the duo was disappointed that they were unable to perform in front of their student peers.

Sarah Mathews, STUCO sponsor, said that this is the first time only one group has showed up, and that it’s a shame.

“The STUCO kids work really hard and this is their favorite event they run,” she said.

Guess there’s always next year!

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