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Two Men Left Standing?

After spending a weekend in the hospital with his family and daughter, Presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced his decision to suspend his campaign leaving Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich as the remaining Presidential candidates.

Santorum was second to Romney who is the current front-runner of the GOP  with 659 delegates. Santorum ended his run with 275 delegates won; however, decided to suspend his campaign despite the odds against him and the decision to take care of his daughter. He also “had proved to be the fiercest challenger to Romney’s claim on the nomination,” according to the Boston Globe.

Like after the last election Barack Obama cut a deal with Hilary Clinton so that she could become the Secretary of State, there could be the same scenario with Romney and Santorum-that is if Romney gets the nomination. Look for a Romney-Santorum ballot due to the popularity the two receive.

Although two of the major reasons as to why Santorum suspendend his campaign include not having enough delegates and taking care of his daughter, his campaign team also reported that they were nearly $1 million in debt last month.

The two men who could most likely be the Presidential nominations are Obama for the Democrats and Romney for the Republicans. After Romney said in Oct. 20, 2011, “there’s a good shot I might become the next president of the United States,” he currently holds the most delegates and the most popularity amongst the Republican party.