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Running All Over The Competition

Girls’ Track practices for Spring meets

Birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Spr

Photo by Gabby Kessler

ing is here at last and with it comes girls’ track and field. The girls make it look easy but behind the scenes is a lot of hard work and dedication.

Team practices help improve everyone’s game by a lot but that isn’t all it takes. Any dedicated athlete will tell you that it takes a lot more than just showing up to run a few laps or shoot a few hoops. Time and effort must be put into anything to be the absolute best you can be.

“On the weekends I come up and throw sometimes,” said Morgan Keesee, sophomore. “I have my own shot and I borrow the discus.”

Practice makes perfect and takes a player from average to great. Keesee isn’t the only one who works to improve herself. Girls’ track and field is a spring sport and many of the girls do other sports year round, like Keesee who also plays girls’ basketball.

“I play sports year round and run on the weekends,” said Nichole Krug, sophomore.

For track, running is an easy solution to how to practice. But for throwers?

“Throwers are usually first in and last to leave,” said Torian Kerr, junior.

However, as any team will say, you can’t just be good at succeeding together; you have to want to succeed together. This means building relationships within the team so that everyone works together as a whole.

“You make a lot of friends,” said Keesee. “It’s like a family.”

So while others are lounging around in the sun, the girls are out running, throwing and sweating, doing everything they possibly can to win.