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Panthers on a Winning Streak

 The Park Hill South Panthers earned their first win this past week

               As the Panthers took the field, they came out with confidence and putting fear into the Raytown Blue Jays.  The Panthers started their first conference game with a big W.
               The Panthers started their ace, Luke Covault. Covault went all seven in a big win over Raytown. Covault had eight strikeouts and only walked two batters.  Covault threw 104 pitches on Wednesday–a lot of pitches for this age.
               Austin Mccormick said, “If it wasn’t for Covault we wouldn’t have had the game we had.”
               Raytown scored first in the second inning and then the Panthers answered right back putting the score tied up again. The score was one to one going into the top of the third.
               In the bottom of the third the Panthers took the lead. The Panthers scored one run in the bottom of the third from Alex Howe drilling a ball to the gap and scoring Luke Ravenscraft.
               The Raytown Blue Jays did not go down that easy, as they answered right back by getting a run in the top of the fourth. The Blue Jays did not fold as the Panthers wanted them to.
               In the bottom of the fifth, rain came down. There was a 15 minute rain delay. While the rain came down, the coaches were out raking the field so they could finish the game. The Panthers wanted to take this game.
    Coach Walker said, “If we didn’t get that game in, we probably wouldn’t have played them again. I’m very happy we got a win because my boys have been working hard.”
               After the rain delay, the Panthers didn’t come out with the same fire as they did when the game started but they pulled through.
               In the bottom of the seventh inning the Panthers had on two runners. The Panthers laid down two sac bunts to put Eddie Sola into scoring possession.
               Two outs in the bottom of the seventh and Cody Shopper was at the plate.  Two one count and then a miracle happened.  The ball got away from the catcher and Eddie Sola came across the plate to score the winning run for the Panthers of the score of 3-2.
               Sola said, “It was a clutch performance and we took advantage when we needed to.”
               The Panther take on their next challenge as they play Fort Osage tonight. The Panthers defeated the Indians by the score of 3-2.