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Advanced Weights

 Most think of school as a place that you sit, watch, listen to a teacher for seven hours, go home, do your homework and repeat.  There isn’t really any sort of physical activity or exercise, aside from moving from class to class in the halls.  But here’s where you may be mistaken.   

The Physical Education department at South is actually pretty interesting.  Alex Goforth (junior) thinks this so much in fact that he has taken advanced weighs twice over his high school career.  Not too common to take the same class twice unless you really like it.

“It’s a great way to stay active even when you are tied down with homework at home,” Goforth says.

And that’s why it’s so popular.  South’s education can get quite intense for everyone at home, sometimes to the extent of even very active individuals not being able to exercise.  So the weights classes have come quite handy for those, seeing how school happens during school and not home.

Goforth also said, “There isn’t any homework either, and that’s a big plus.”

So if you at all are interested in developing a healthy, more active lifestyle, check out a physical education class at South.