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Starting a New Tradition

Buzz about today’s spring sports assembly has been spreading around the hallways all day. The same sports assembly as every spring will be taking place, but something extra is being added this year: roasting the seniors.

A group of junior girls and boys will be “roasting” a group of senior boys and girls. The same assembly took place when the seniors were freshmen, but it did not spark a tradition because some of the seniors were offended.

This year, the juniors were careful to make all the roasting light hearted and funny instead of hurtful.

“It’s really funny,” said Leah Smith (11). “Hopefully everyone will laugh.”

Some of the seniors being roasted include Avery Russell, Lindsy Kurzdorfer, the dance team girls, Lauren Short, Sung Huh, and Malana Bradford.

“I was kind of mad when I found out, but I got over it,” said Kurzdorfer (12). “I know I’m going to laugh.”

The roast will add a new twist to the same old spring sports assembly and has gotten all the juniors and seniors anxious to watch.

“Everyone’s actually excited for the assembly,” said Smith.

Even though it didn’t before, the juniors and seniors involved hope that this year’s roast will spark a tradition.

“I really hope it does,” said Kurzdorfer. “It gets people excited and is just funny to watch.”