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Ohio Shooting

What brings students to one day want to come into their highschool and just start shooting? These days it happens in highschools, colleges or just random places. The real question is, what brings these people to do the biggest sin of all; kill.

On Monday the 27th there was a horrible shooting in Chardon, Ohio. There was ten rounds of shooting at four students at a cafeteria table. There were three victims that did not make it while two others have been injured and one has thankfully been released from the hosptial.

The shooter was a a seventeen year old boy named T.J Lane and he was attacking with a .22 caliber. Lane admitted that he did not know his victims and they were at random. That is a very uncommon statement because usually the shooters have a target victim.

We hear about shootings like in Virginia Tech. College and in highschools today. It is sad to see innocent people die but we have to question why this happens. Is it bullying, Being broken up with, or just the rage to go out and kill people. Sooner or later schools and colleges will have to figure out how to make this stop.