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Hopes For The Ink Blot

For a club who started out with crazy meeting times and low attendance rate, the Ink Blot,  South’s literary magazine, has gotten its footing and is now on its way to make sure everyone knows about them.

The point of the Ink Blot is to show case South’s student’s writing and creative art. For the first months of school, the staff collects submissions from students. Then the co-editors Aislinn Brand(12)  and Heather Fattino (12) split into groups. One goes over writing while the other goes over the art. The idea behind this is to make the picking process easier and more officiant.

“In the art group, we pick pieces by points then we decide from there which ones would look good together in the magazine.” said Teddy Olson (12).

The Ink Blot started up last year and it started on a bumpy step. They only gave out one issue do to funding, as they are doing this year, and staff members were in and out. By the time designing came around there was only three staff members. This was do to the every other Tuesday meetings. The Ink Blot is proud to say that they now have it every Tuesday.

“I think that things are progressing nicely and this year’s Ink Blot is already going to end being bigger and in a way better than last year’s.” said Brand.

There also had been rumored that the Ink Blot would have a website. The staff stated that this was true. At the beginning of the school year, they had planned to make one, but as the school year progressed, it fell through.

“I’ve heard about the website, but we haven’t really talked about it much.” said Olson.

The co-editors have hopes that during the designing process that some of the staff will get the website up and working.

The hope that Brand has for the Ink Blot is that the Ink Blot “will eventually be able to gain momentum and produce more then one issue each year.” The issue is planned to come out before spring break.