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Finally Final Four

Down the court dribbles the University of North Carolina player, aiming only to make one more basket in the hoop before his final four dreams come to an end.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kansas University players Withey and Robinson reach up and block their adversaries shot.  The unthinkable has occurred: Kansas has made it to the final four of the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament.

“I was pretty ecstatic, I suppose,” said Erin Price (12) when recounting her reaction of finding out KU made it to the final four.

When Kansas started off their basketball season back in November, no one really thought they were going to go anywhere this season.  Most of their star players, Marcus and Markieff Morris, Travis Releford, and Cole Aldrich went off to the big leagues at the end of last year’s season.  Even Bill Self, the head coach for Kansas had his doubts about his lacking team this year.  

All the same, somehow he was able to train and coach them up to standard.  The Kansas basketball team was put on the map for the NCAA tournament when they received their eighth straight regular season big 12 title; but even then, no one believed they would make it this far into the tournament.

“I didn’t think they were that good,” admits Price who is a Kansas fan because her mother attended the university.

 Though there are plenty of reasons to be a Kansas fan, some have more practical thoughts on the matter.

“…We’re much closer to Lawrence…plus the team is better and easier to root for since they win more,” said Samuel Morgan (12).

Though MU struck out of the tournament with their 86-84 loss against Norfolk State, fans can still enjoy watching the tournament, even if Kansas isn’t their first choice.

“I think [Kansas is] going to win,” says Morgan, “they’ve already beat Ohio State before.  I think they’re gonna win by 20.”