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The Descendants Dried Out

Just to start things off, anyone who thinks the Descendents is worth an Academy Award Nomination is an idiot.

The movie was not that good, I’m sorry to hurt some peoples feelings but the movie was second rate. Now, I enjoyed the idea of the movie. The idea was creative and original. But the way they casted the story and even played the whole thing out was just awkward. Although I appreciated the moments whent you as a movie watcher could just look at him and tell Geroge Clooney’s character was just like WTF to his life, that part was enjoyable.

A plus side to the movie was the fact that anyone could relate in someway to that movie and made it bareable to watch.  Although seeing Beans from “Even Stevens” play a serious role, I still dont think hes a great actor. Over all, the movie was just an okay, I’ll give a six out of ten.

Oscar worthy, I think not but I was glad that I got to see it.