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Southside Girls

Southside girls rehearse a routine. Photo by Lindsey Gile

Auditions are being held for  2012-2013 dance team

The Southside Girls are welcoming all eigth graders, freshman, sophomore and juniors to try out for next year’s team throughout the beginning of March.

This award winning team competes, and performs at assemblies and most sporting events. They practice three times a week and are known for their technique.

Girls from past years will need to try out again.

“I’m so excited because last year was very fun,” freshman Aubrey Helling said.

According to the audition packets available in the office, an audition meeting will be held on March 1 where they will discuss things such as schedules, the audition process and fees for the year to come. All former Southside Girls need to return their uniforms at this time also.

The packet explains that girls will have three clinics on March 6, 7 and 8 from 4-6 p.m. In the dance room and gym they will learn audition material that they will later perform for judges. The audition fee is $5 per dancer.

Then, on March 12 mock auditions will be held at 6:30 pm in the gym. Graduating seniors will give critiques to help the dancers be better prepared for the audition process.

Dancers in the past have not necessarily liked the long audition process.

“I thought it was really long. The hip hop section was really hard,” Helling said.

With the premilanaries, semi-finals and finals the audition process can become long, but in the end it is very rewarded and much worth your hard work and time.

“The dance team is a great name to carry around school,” said Eddie Sola.