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Officially Asian

What club at South consists of Japanese games, Chinese movies and Indian cuisine?  Try Asian Culture Club.

Asian culture club has been at South since last year.  Still in its youth, the club continues to go strong with 15 members.  Alicia Walker, history, is the sponsor for the club and a fitting one, considering she teaches Asian Studies.

“Ms. Walker’s my favorite teacher and I thought it would be fun,” said Nia Amador (11).  “She likes to tell people we eat food, so of course I was going to join.”

Food is not the only reason why people such as Amador have joined up for Asian culture club.  When the club meets every Monday or so, the members enjoy playing unique, foreign games, watching foreign movies and, of course, experience foreign cuisine.

“My favorite part is getting to talk to the students outside of school and getting to know their interests…and eating,” said Walker.

For those who have yet to join a club this year, the door to Asian culture club is always open for excited members.

“I like learning about all the different sections of Asia,” said Amador.

And remember: You do not have to be Asian in order to join.