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It’s Complete Linsanity!

Creative Commons/MattRoz

Jeremy Lin  has been dominating in the NBA with his pass first mentality

Point guard Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has been playing impressive basketball these last few weeks. The play from Lin has been so good that even some people here at South are noticing.

Varsity point guard Anthony Woods said he heard about Lin via ESPN.

“I was impressed; he is pretty raw,” said Woods.

Lin has only been a starter for a few weeks but he is making a name for himself.

Lin started due to the injury of two of the Knicks top scorers Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Lin was then called on to run the show and is now starting point guard.

Since taking over the point guard position meant being able to either pass or score, Lin would fit the criteria just fine. Coach John Sedler, South’s varsity basketball coach, sees some similarities between Woods and Lin.

“Both sacrifice their individual stats for the team” he said.”They both run the team and offense and can recognize mismatches.”

One thing that some people may say about Lin is that he might not be able to help the Knicks get to the playoffs. Junior Varsity guard, Marcus Harris, said that he was very impressed with Lin and that Lin can help the Knicks get to the playoffs, but not if Anthony and Stoudemire don’t contribute then they won’t make it.

“Lin can’t do it alone,” said Harris, “but he can take it to the hole pretty grispy.”