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College Bound

photo by Darren Whitley

I have had a lot of people ask me what it was like to sign with a North West Missouri State University  for track, what it’s like to be up in front of half the school agreeing to a four year contract.

In my opinion it was one of the most exciting and nerve racking ten minutes of my life.

For me and the other seven girls who signed we all agreed that we were very nervous before we got up there. Probably because we were seated in front of the school having coach Sedler talk about all of our accomplishments.  

For almost two weeks prior to signing Katy Lindsey (12) couldn’t stop talking about it she said, “I think it made me less nervous if I just talked about it a lot.”

But in my case I did the complete opposite, I kept my mouth shut about the whole thing. The rest of my family literally found out THAT day that I was signing. I had about fifteen texts from members of the fam telling me how happy they were for me. Now that I have signed I am very happy that I did it but as for the question of what it was like all I have to say to that is, it was a big step, but totally worth it.