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Temple Run Obsession

“It’s completely mindless. You don’t have to think, and if you do start consciously thinking about thinking about what you’re doing, you’re going to mess it up,” said Katie Smith (11).

This is the insanity that South students go through every day, with “Temple Run” from the Apple Store, created by Imangi Studios, LLC. The game has a 5/5 star rating on the apple store, with over 243 thousand ratings, That’s more ratings than Words with Friends, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja combined. And the best part about Temple Run? The game is a free app.

“It seems like everybody at South has the app,” said Smith. “Everyone who doesn’t have an IPhone is always jealous and always begging to use their friends to play.”

For a game that illustrates an Indiana Jones type escape from a temple with essentially only four different controls, the game has controlled the App Store for weeks, sitting high above all other apps at the number one spot in both top free games and top grossing games.

Students at South also compete to get the best score on their game. It’s become a fun way to compete with friends indirectly by trying to survive the longest.

“My best score is 1,758,096,” said David Thibeau (11). “What isn’t addicting about temple run? It’s seriously amazing.”