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Review of Sherlock Holmes Two ‘A Game of Shadows’

Sherlock Holmes “A Game of Shadows” is the second movie of this series. These movies are about basically a genius solving clues and trying to save the world. Sherlock Homes is played by Robert Downey Junior and his best friend Watson is played by the gorgeous, Jude Law. Now if you are a girl, you will definitely be entertained with just looking at Jude Law and his super cute accent.

In “A Game of Shadows”, it does follow after the first movie, but does a better job with action which was a major problem for me in the first movie. The movie is about Sherlock and Watson trying to save the world from their evil rival, Dr. Moriarty, who is played by Jared Harris. Moriarty’s main purpose is to scheme and destroy, at the backdrop of the tension between France and Germany.

Holmes spends much of his screen time in weird, but hilarious disguises and mumbling what one could have only hoped was genius calculations. Everybody gets a kick out of all the different costumes and just how intelligent Holmes is to where he ends up at the end.

This movie is filled with action and humor, and either gender, 13-years-old and older would enjoy this film. I am not going to spoil the main parts in this but there are so many surprising scenes that you will not even expect. I encourage everybody to go out and see this movie; it is well worth the money!