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Really Good For Real

Thanks to “best sellers” list on my kindle I recently stumbled across the book, “Heaven is For Real” by Todd Burpo. I have one simple word to describe the non-fiction book: amazing.

The book is the story of a young boy who gets very sick and eventually has to go into emergency surgery.  The doctors seem very anxious when it all happens, almost as if colton (the boy being operated on) isn’t going to make it. When Colton does come out of surgery alive it is described as a miracle, but that miracle is small compared to what the family finds out later.

Colton claims he has visited Heaven. Randomly and brief at first, but then more in detail. He describes things a normal four year old would never know; including meeting his miscarried sister and great-grandpa, along with many other details of his visit. At one point he even breaks down crying about how he wants to go back to Heaven because of how great it was.

I recommend this book to people who are religious, but even more to people who arn’t. This book will make the non-believers, believers. It is a remarkable story of family love, hardships, and miracles. As little Colton Burpo would say Heaven is for real is really good for real.