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Chasing Boredom

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“Chasing Rainbows” is the title of my lastest read, but all I felt I was doing was chasing boredom. The book, by Kathleen Long, lived up to the authors name; it was long and seemed to be dragged out at times.

I actually really liked the overall concept or plot idea of the story. It was about a 40-something year old woman going through a divorce and the loss of her father. You know, a typical mid-life crisis pity story. I usually enjoy these stories because they make me feel better about my own life, however; this one fell short because it had too many majot plot points. Like pick one climax and stick with it. Between the death of her father, divorceing her husband, and getting kicked out of the mall for harrassing two teenage girls I didn’t know what to focus on.

The ending was the worst part of all. You start to get all excited because the neighbor guy whose casually been hinting he likes her throughout book take her out, but then get pissed because thats how it ends. Literally the last sentence is her agreeing to go get coffee with him. It was a complete let down.

Overall this book would be fine to read if you had nothing better. But i would not go out of my way to reccomend it to anyone. 2 out of 5 stars.