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When to Sound for the Season

Everyone knows that sound we hear around the holidays: Christmas music.

We hear it at school, on the way to practice or even at a friend’s house. Lots of people love Christmas music, and a lot of people dislike Christmas music. There are some people who start playing their Christmas music on Halloween, and others who refuse to listen to it until post-thanksgiving. Some won’t even listen to it until a couple days before Christmas Eve.

But when is the most appropriate time to start playing Christmas music?

“Honestly, I think that you shouldn’t start playing your Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but after that you should play it all the way until the New Year’s. I love Christmas,” said Erika Stark (10).

For Josh Hunt, (11), it’s not a problem of music, but it’s a problem of TV shows.

“I don’t want to watch frosty the snowman while I’m eating Thanksgiving dinner. That’s just not right,” said Hunt. “I think the music is okay, because you can have more of a choice whether to listen or not, but after Thanksgiving it seemed like Christmas shows were on every station.”

Everyone is entitled to their own Christmas opinion, and some will enjoy the music more than others, and some will enjoy the TV shows more than others, but there is definately a time and place for everthing.