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Putting Holiday Gift Buying in Perspective

Along with holiday breaks and colder weather also comes the stress of buying gifts. Most can not decide on how much to spend and what to buy, which only makes gift buying that much more of a drawn out process. Seniors Jacqueline Pierre and Kyle Schleicher have plenty of expierence with the holiday hupla and have plenty to say about the topic.

How much do you think is the appropreiate amount to spend on a family member?

KS- I would say around 15-20 per person.

JP- I normally spend around 20, I always spend more on my family.

When is the perfect time to start gift buying?

KS- Early october, but I usualy make gifts instead of buying them.

JP- I start on Black Friday. You can always find really cheap presents.
Do you prefer making or buying gifts?

KS- Definitly homeade. They always mean a lot more than store bought presents.

JP- I do a bit of both. There are some people that buying presents are easier than making them something.

What does Christmas and Holiday break mean to you?

KS- Time to spend with your loved ones is the most important part for me.

JP- For me, it is a religous time to be thankful for all I have and spend time with my family.