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INDEPTH: Takin’ it to the Hoop

Additional reporting by Willeke Van Doorn

Photo by Sara Parolin

Park Hill South’s freshman boys’ basketball team is already winning games. Led by Captain Mitch Henderson, freshman, and Captain Shaefer Schuetz, freshman, the team has a lot of skill and talent that will take them far this year.

Other leaders on the team are freshman Easton Fortuna and Eli Patterson.

 The team has lost one of their most valuable players, Allen Hyatt, as he was moved up to play JV and Varsity.

“He fit the needs of the JV/varsity team,” said Varsity assistant Coach Tracy Mangels.

Allen was not expecting to be moved up, and he said that he was surprised. His absence from the freshman team will have an effect.

“We’ll be tough,” said Henderson.

The freshman coaches are Coach Mike Nelson and Coach Russ McDaniels.

There are many great things about playing for South such as coaches, spirit or teammates.

“Coach Nelson is my favorite part,” said Henderson.

Freshman Richard Fullerton, said he likes the “style of coaching that Coach Nelson brings to the team.”

There are also a lot of things that are not so fun about playing for South.

“The practices suck, but they make the games good,” said Fullerton.

The team has won all of their games to far. Come out and support the boys at their next home game, their schedule can be found here.

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