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Christmas Break

Christmas break is just around the corner so here are some random questions about Christmas time!

  1. What do you plan on doing for Christmas Break?
  2. Would you rather hang out with girl and guy friends or both during break?
  3. Would you rather have money or gifts for Christmas?
  4. Would you rather make a snowman or go sledding?
  5. Are you an eggnog or hot chocolate type of person?

Natalie Hinton

  1. Hanging out with my friends and getting caught up on my sleep!
  2. Mostly girls but there are always good to have those nights with all your friends.
  3. Mostly money, but maybe one good present to open as well.
  4. Sledding for sure, way more fun and you can go fast!
  5. Hot chocolate, it is tastier!

Eddie Sola

  1. Hanging with my guys and sleeping of course.
  2. Girls and guys got to have both to have fun.
  3. Money so I can go buy what I want.
  4. Neither, I would rather stay inside my warm house.
  5. Hot chocolate because eggnog is gross.

As you can see these two students have similar answers. What are you answers for these questions? Think about i! So get ready for Christmas break everyone, it’s just around the corner and time to relax!