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Breaking Dawn Review

Starting from the very beginning when Jacob freaks out about Bella getting married to Edward to the very end when Jacob imprints on Bella’s new baby girl, the new movie from the “Twilight” series was amazing.

There is no way Twilight fans will be disappointed, unlike the other movies this one captures are real love Edward and Bella share and also the hate Jacob has for Bella’s new husband Edward. Directed by Bill Condon the movie captures the real emotions that Stephanie Mayer’s intended for the books.

In my opinion, thanks goodness the company decided to break the last novel into to movies because were they ended the movie was perfect timing!

Not only was the movie great but the acting had really improved too. To me in all the movies I though Kristen Stewart was a VERY awkward actress and yes I did read the books I know that’s kind of what her charter is like but seeing Stewart acting was a little weird. But unlike the other movies, she performed great in this one. Maybe it’s because she and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are really getting married and she feels comfortable.

Don’t forget to stick around for after the credits though because there is a surprise last scene that previews the next movie!