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Hoops Hiatus Halts

It’s Oct. 31. The World Series, and the MLB season, is over. The NFL is halfway through its regular season, but fans can only get football twice a week. NCAA football  is reaching its peak, but many fan’s teams are already out of contention. Sports fans across the country need something to grab their attention. Something to follow and worship. Something to make going to work and school every day bearable. Thank goodness we have basketball.

As the first tip off of the NCAA season approaches,  basketball fans everywhere are looking for something to fill the empty space in their life. Ever since the NBA lockout started, which has cancelled at least two months worth of games so far, there has been zero basketball, which is starting to become a problem.

CJ Whisnant, sophomore, can’t wait for basketball to start, whether it be NBA or NCAA.

“I watch a little bit of NBA,” Whisnant said, “But NCAA basketball is where it’s at.”

Jill Owens, A+ Coordinator, only watches NCAA basketball.

“NBA players flop around like European soccer players,” Owens said.

Unfortunately for the NBA, the meetings between the owners and the players to end the lockout are going nowhere, so NCAA basketball will take center stage. Traditional powerhouses such as Kentucky and North Carolina are high up in the rankings. Other teams, like Kansas and Michigan State, are in a rebuilding stage, but can still make some noise.

Nick Hochstatter, sophomore, thinks there will be a new team atop the standings this year.

“Mizzou will win it all,” Hochstatter said, “They have lots of returning starters.”

Owens thinks that North Carolina is just too strong, and will find a way to pull out another championship.

As for standout players, Hochstatter turns towards Missouri again.

“Kim English will have a breakout year. I’m calling it now,” Hochstatter said.

Owens looks to Kentucky for this year’s MVP.

“Kentucky always has that special someone that no one knows about,” Owens said. “Calipari knows how to recruit.”

One thing is for sure this basketball season. When the first buzzer goes off on Nov. 7 at  the Fort Valley State vs. Alabama State game, basketball fans everywhere will breathe a collective sigh of relief. It will be finally be back. It will finally be time for basketball.