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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

During high school, the lunch room can either be a great place to talk to friends or a horrible place for embarrassing stories to come.  Softball player, Mallory Land (11), was having a nervewracking first week at school her freshman year, and as you can tell where this is going, the lunchroom became a place she would never forget.

As Mallory was still setting into her routine on the first week of high school, the lunch room still seemed like a scary place as most people remember freshman year.  She stood in the back of a long line of people who already knew exactly what they wanted and where they wanted to sit.  Grabbing her lunch, sides, and thereafter her milk, she paid for her lunch and walked to her table.

“I thought I was the cool kid coming into the lunch room,” Land says.

By some curse or another, Mallory ended up spilling almost her whole eight ounces of milk in front of the lunch room of about 320 people.  Naturally, she turned a certain shade of red and quickly and desperately found a janitor to help her clean her mess up.

At this point, Land had done everything as anyone else would have, but in the heat of the moment, she made the mistake of walking on to the spilled puddle of milk rather than to it.  As everything seemed to play in slow motion, she could already feel her face turning red.  As she hit her bottom side, the lunch room went silent and the resounded slap of her bottom hitting the floor could be heard all around.

“It was all over my back and embarrassing.  It was terrible,” Land says.  “It’s life, so tell yourself ‘whatever.'”

That is just what Mallory did.  Even when she thought everyone saw it, she got up and tried to play it off like nothing happened.

“I would say bring an extra pair of clothes,” says Land.

In a sense, she’s right.  Everyone has a kind of outfit that fits them at a certain point in time, and even if Land didn’t actually put on a clean pair of clothes, she put on a different outfit that changed her personality.  Now, I don’t want to say be a different person to impress people, but I think you should know how to give people your best all the time, otherwise no one is going to see your real potential.

“Everything terrible seems to happen freshman year, so play it off,” says Land.