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Band Has its Three C’s

Band is calm, cool and collected

Every Band member is practicing their concert pieces during the second quarter, but they’re not as stressed as they usually are.  Although the Band’s winter concert is scheduled for December, the atmosphere in the Band room is at a relaxed state. The concert is just to keep and show off their skills to friends and family. Some students enjoy the moment of taking in a deep breath, as others see this as an opportunity to improve.

“It’s another month to get ahead.” Said Sam Morgan, (12).

What truly excites Band is the State Solo and Ensemble Festival in the spring. It is where any Choir, Orchestra, or Band students have a chance to perform in front of a group of judges. The judges base their performance on a one to five scale.  One is the best and five is the worst.

“I am [really] confident I will make it to state next year.” Terrence Carver, (11).

Band’s history with the Festival has always been very good. They have received a one ranking every year since 1999; they are pumped for the Festival, with high expectations.