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Message Received

Words were screamed back and forth on the sidelines during last Sunday’s game, but whatever Todd Haley said to Matt Cassle during that televised argument seemed to work. The Kansas City Chiefs were able to pull off their first win of the season against the Vikings at Arrowhead with the final score 22-17.


The Kansas City Chiefs left Arrowhead on Sunday as a different team. The missed 30-yard field goals seemed to be a thing of the past for Succop who was perfect for five attempts, two for over fifty yards. Matt Cassle was 5-of-7 for 100 yards on Sunday and threw the ball downfield for the first time all season. Cassle also threw for a 52-yard touchdown pass and had no interceptions all game.


The coaching staff took a back-to-the-basics approach to Sunday’s game. Cassle told ESPN that they saw a weakness in Minnesota’s defense and drew up plays ‘on the fly’ like kids on the playground.


The Chiefs, like any other team, thrive on momentum. After forcing the Vikings to go three-and-out, the Chiefs were able to rack up three points resulting in our first lead of the season. Later in the same quarter, Tamba Hali’s sack set up a third-and-long and Mcnabb’s pass was intercepted by Brandon Carr.


The Chiefs defense continued to look good all game but that’s nothing compared to the improvements our offence made. Cassle threw well for the first time all season and was able to take advantage of receivers like Steve Breaston and Dwayne Bowe. Succop had a huge improvement as well, tying the franchise record for total points in a single game.


This game really shows that the Chiefs can come together as a team and make the improvements necessary to win games. And when your two games out of first place in your division, that’s a good skill to have.