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He Said, She Said: Back to 1855

This year marks the 36th annual Missouri Town festival, held out near Lee’s Summit.  Although most don’t know about the festival, it is held outside and is authentic to how people really lived/worked back in the year 1855 in Missouri.

Have you heard of the Missouri Town Festival?
Ivanna: no
Gustavo: no

What do you think about going back to 1855?
Ivanna: I don’t know much about it, I guess it’d be interesting
Gustavo: I would love it, I’m really into middle-aged stuff, I like to dress up…it’s cool to see the reaction of other people

Would you like wearing the poofy dresses/overalls and button-up shirts?
Ivanna: yes, if I had friends with me it’d be fun
Gustavo: yeah I would like it…junior year I dressed up as Tom Sawyer

Do you think you would survive a day in 1855?
Ivanna: yeah, I think I could
Gustavo: yeah, there’s a lot of stuff to do during the day, just a matter of dividing time

What would you miss the most (from this century)?
Ivanna: probably cell phones, communication’s instant
Gustavo: I think it would just be electronics

Do you think this festival to appreciate 1855 is necessary? why/why not?
Ivanna: I really don’t know what happened in that period…yes/no
Gustavo: I don’t think it’s necessary but I think it’s a really really really cool idea