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Fashion Forward

Photo of fashion room by Jessica Freeman and Blake Reser

     New carpets and black flooring on the staircases are a couple of the more noticeable renovations South made this year, but one you may not have known about was the extension of the fashion room. For those who did notice the filled in wall around the personal wellness rooms, here’s why.

     Chloe Jones (12) is currently taking Fashion and Apparel. She said the expansion of the room is a great thing.

     “It’s given the opportunity for more kids to take the class,” said Jones, “and we can get more stuff done with our own space.”

     What exactly is changed within the room, compared to past years? A brand new dressing room was added,cplus a whole new wall of sewing machines, larger tables that roll, and the room itself is larger.

     The class before the renovations had one small closet used as a dressing room, stuffed with shelves and file cabinets.

     “It was much needed,” said Jones. “The larger tables make it easier to cut our fabric and everything’s less crowded.”

      Students in all Fashion classes can benefit from the renovations and students will no longer have to wonder why the wall is the way it is down in the E100s hallway.