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Court in the House

     The candidates have been announced! Homecoming is coming up quickly, and candidates from each grade were announced Sept. 29. Some really wanted this honor and others had no clue they were even being voted for.

     The senior candidates are Eddie Sola, Dalton Price, Ron Anderson, Matthew Gandy and Daniel Day, and for the girls,  Elise Henn, Hannah Woodson, Lauren Short, Sung Huh and Ashley Brown.

     One of the candidates that said she had no idea she was even being thought of being nominated is Sung Huh (12). Sung is also the STUCO  president.

     “I never expected to be nominated on court at all but it’s so cool and such an honor to be on for my senior year,” said Huh (12).

    As for the junior candidates, there is Alex Weatherly, Seth Cline, Leah Smith and Lizzie Jurries.

     “I had no idea I was going to be on court, but I am just really excited and ready for the dance,” said Jurries (11).

     Last but not least, the underclassmen candidates for the sophomores are Daniel Hwang and Tara Evans, and for the  newest members of school, the freshmen are Shaefer Shuetz and Carli Hanlon.

     We have a busy week coming up for Homecoming with many events: Homecoming Parade this Saturday Oct. 8, spirit week Oct. 10-14, football game Oct. 14, and dance Oct. 15.