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Box-Office Let Down

Although it made $54 million dollars in its opening, I would not advise anyone else to waste their money on “Paranormal Activity 3.” It was simply a complete let down.

 After seeing the first two movies, I was so scared I literally couldn’t sleep at night. So naturally I had high expectations of the third movie. I was expecting something that would keep me up weeks, but I literally had to slap myself to stay awake during the movie.

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t scared at all, PA3 definately had it’s jumpy moments but the ending is really what killed it. It went from being a creepy movie about a ghost in the house, to some weird cult-like freakshow led by the grandma. I kept looking over at my boyfriend waiting for him to say “Is this a joke?” because that’s all I was thinking.

I do not by any means want to reccomend this movie; however, f you have absolutely nothing else to do this Halloween weekend you might as well go see it. Not because it will scare you, but because by the end of it there’s a good chance you’ll be laughing at the stupidity of it all.