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Spray Painting Masterpieces


Photo by Kathy Thompson

    There are many artistic and talented students here at South. Especially in the art department, there are so many different ways to express art like drawing, painting, sculpting, fibers and many more.  Robbie Matthiesen (12) has his own unique way of art, spray painting.

      Matthiesen first experienced spray painting when he was on a vacation with his family in Boston.  He saw many art pieces and wanted to know more about it.

     “ I basically just taught myself how to start spray painting, a lot of You Tube and researching examples,” said Matthiesen.

      Soon enough, he became so fascinated with it that he made his mom go buy his spray paint and immediately started exploring around with the different colors of bottles in his back yard.

     “You can do more with spray paint than just graffiti,” said Matthiesen.

     Matthiesen has only been doing spray paint for two years of his life and he has made over 200 pieces of art and doing maybe two art shows a month to let people see his work. Matthiesen’s very own pieces have been in galleries and some have even been bought!

Ms. Thompson, teacher at South said “I was so thrilled to see how much he improved when he first started and how passionate he really is about his art and to just watch him succeed.”

    Matthiesen said he does not wish to pursue this as a career, but most definitely as a side job because he loves to create art for not only himself, but for others as well.