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Keep the Faith

The Chiefs lost their third game at San Diego on Sunday but a strong defensive performance and smarter football gives us a reason to hope.

The first half looked terrible. Not only did we loose another starter to injury, Brandon Flowers, our longest pass play was four yards and we didn’t manage to get a first down the entire half. Ryan Succop missed another field goal which would have come in handy in a game we would end us loosing 20-17.

Although it looked like just another loss early on, Todd Haley’s half time adjustments seemed to work. Javier Arenas returned a punt 37 yards, which would set up the Chiefs first touchdown. Dwayne Bowe ended up with two big second-half catches, one for a touchdown, for 67 yards proving that he is still one of Kansas City’s biggest playmakers. Our defense really stepped up as well, keeping Philip Rivers off his game and forcing two big interceptions.

With another touchdown scored late in the forth quarter and the Chiefs in Chargers territory, it looked like Matt Cassle and the Kansas City Chiefs could wrap this game up, however, as luck would have it, that is not how it turned out. Cassle ended up throwing an interception and the game was over.

We are all wondering what happened to the Matt Cassle that went to the pro bowl last year. He struggled, yet again, with interceptions in the fourth quarter and did not have a good passing game by any means. However, lets not pin this whole thing on one man. The absence of Charlie Weis played a big part in this offence and he has had to work with his fifth offensive coordinator in four seasons. Give the guy a break; no one feels worse about what happened than he does.

So, with an improvement made, the Chiefs look on to this Sundays game at Arrowhead against the Vikings with hope.

“I think now it is showing that we are fighting for each other out there, and we are not going to give up,” said McCluster to USA Today.