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He Said, She Said: Homecoming

Where is the best place to take a date for dinner before homecoming?

Jordan: Hong’s buffet because the food there is heat.
Savannah: Bravo because that’s where so many people go.

Is taking pictures before homecoming a big deal?

Jordan: For the girls it is.  I could care less, though.
Savannah: It’s overrated.  Too many people stress over it.

Do guys need to ask girls to Homecoming in a creative way?

Jordan: No because sometimes girls assume we’re asking them, so they should be happy with any way.
Savannah: Yes because it’s the gentleman thing to do and it’s cute.

What did you think about last year’s Homecoming?

Jordan: I wasn’t stupid enough to stay for the whole thing, so it was alright to me.
Savannah: It was horrible.  I sat down and left early because the DJ sucked.

Are you excited for Homecoming?

Jordan: Not really, I have to spend more money and there’s stress on who to ask.
Savannah: No because I’m forever alone…

What do you think about teachers breaking up grinding?

Jordan: It throws off my groove. I’ll be in the zone and then they break it up!
Savannah: As long as you aren’t conceiving children on the dance floor anything should go.

What has been your favorite dance of high school thus far?

Jordan: Freshman Courtwarming because I went with my boys and didn’t have to spend money on a date.
Savannah: Freshman Homecoming because it was really exciting and I went with Jake Augustine.