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The Tune of Talent

South’s Kevin Curtis takes a trip to the Big Apple to perform


by tyler arthur


     This last weekend, February 19-22, Kevin Curtis made the trip to New York City to play at Carnegie Hall with the North American High School Honor Band. According to Curtis, the process of making it to Carnegie Hall started last year.

     “Since I received All-State Honors last year, I was nominated to audition,” said Curtis.  “I had to send in a tape of myself playing [the bass clarinet], and I got accepted.”

     While in NYC, Curtis had a regular routine for the first couple days of 8-10 hours of practice. However, his time there was not all work.  Curtis, along with other members of the Honor Band got to tour the city extensively. All this training was leading up to the final show on Sunday.

     The band, along with an orchestra and choir performed for all of the parents of the group members, and also for college scouts  invited to the performance. Curtis said that he saw this as a great opportunity to get a step ahead for scholarships and to get recognized by potential colleges for a music major.

     Kevin felt very honored to be invited among students from all over America and Canada.

     “[The trip was] definitely life changing. It helped me to appreciate the music more and all of the hard work that I had to put in.”