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Can You Control Your Dreams

by heather fatino


        Albert Einstein once dreamed of traveling on a sled at the speed of light which influenced his theory of relativity. Some of the most intelligent inventors have discovered life changing answers through lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is the key: being aware you are dreaming without waking.  I believe anyone can find all of the answers to their questions through dreams.

      When you dream, the amount of power in your mind doubles and unlocks your brain’s potential. Some describe dreaming as a filing system which stores important information or memories you might have skipped over in the day time. Lucid dreaming has been studied for years but lately, the interest in this phenomenon has skyrocketed. The creation of movies such as Inception could be credited with the increased hype of lucid dreaming.

        But, like anything, this kind of dreaming takes practice. Step one is to tell yourself to remember your dream before you fall asleep, it’s the best place to start.  And secondly by writing in a dream journal when you wake.  You won’t forget your dreams and may start seeing a pattern that can lead to detailed answers about your life you never thought of.

       As soon as you have a hold of your dreams as a whole and not just pieces of them you can start controlling them. It’s your mind. It’s your dream. You can do whatever outrageous thing you want. You can have fun with it or you can really search for answers; it’s all what you decide.

      Infact, for Salvador Dali, a famous painter, dreaming pays off. Not only did Dali dream to find his inspiration but he described his work as “hand painted dream photographs.”

      A good tip for lucid dreamers is to have “totems,” which is a term used in Inception.  A totem is a visual object that you use as a symbol.  You can even use numbers or a sign to know you are deep in a dream.

      Speaking as a beginner of dream controlling, I have been able to remember my dreams more frequently and hope to take my dreams for a real spin out of reality in the next couple of nights. Whether you want to explore your dreams for fresh ideas, answers, remembrance or to explore and travel within your brain, it’s always a way to get to know yourself more deeply.