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Belltower Sparks Controversey

by elizabeth williams


     In the well known words of Tracy Turnblad from broadway’s ‘Hairspray’, “I can hear the bells”.

    All South students know about the Bell Tower project that is more than just speculation, but a reality.  Although the administration is getting ‘pumped’ for this project to be complete in the course of three years, South students have mixed opinions about the so called ‘Victory Bell’.
    “I think it’s pretty interesting…I think it’s pretty loud.” said Ruzica Bjelobrk, junior.
    Not everyone thinks the bell is going to be a bad thing, however, some feel that the money being raised toward the project could be better used elsewhere.
    “There’s better things to invest in, I’m not going to give an example, but I’m just sayin’.” said Bjelobrk.
    Most know, the bell will being going up on at the front of the school in the center drive.  Students can even help support the tower.  By buying a personalized brick with the students name on it, the money used to purchase the brick will go towards the project.
    “The bell is annoying.” said Payton Fenner, junior.
    Regardless of how students feel, the Bell Tower is going up.  When it is a tangible reality, even the students that once were non-believers may convert to being pro-bell.