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127 Hours of Awesome

by marie hahn


      Walking into the Cinemark movie theater at the Plaza, I was less than enthusiastic to see the film “127 Hours”, a film reliving the story of Aron Ralston, who was hiking through a narrow ravine when a boulder dislodged and pinned his arm to a rock wall, leaving him trapped and alone in the Blue John Canyon in Utah for five days.

    The plot seemed impossibly predictable, and, to say the least, dull. How could one create a riveting movie out of a man being stuck in a stationary position at the bottom of a canyon for 105 minutes screen time? And, of course there was the climax where the main character, Aron Ralston, must painfully sever his arm with pliers and a dull blade, the-ever-so-common gory solution to creating an interesting movie these days.
    But, to my extreme surprise, “127 Hours” ended up being one of the most cleverly created and interesting movies I have seen. Though it would be easy to portray the main character in this film as every typical victim, hopelessly desperate and frantic, James Franco brilliantly plays the part of Ralston as level headed, even somewhat humorous, throughout his terrifying encounter with death.
    The film accurately portrays the process of Ralston, inching towards insanity, reminiscing all of the things in his life he did wrong and given the state of things, could never make right. As he goes through an interesting series of attempts to freedom, he slowly comes to the realization that the only way out is by amputating his own arm.
    It is more than impressive how cleverly director Danny Boyle portrays all of the complex details of this movie. This movie brings to life the intensity of human will, with a chill inducing ending that is worth more than a single viewing.  I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.