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What’s Old Is New

by tiernan eiberger 


        As Art Club and Ceramics Club disappeared in South’s 2010-2011 school year, a new, mightier club emerged under the power of Laura Lenhert, art.

      Lenhert and the other art teachers decided to combine after-school art clubs into a single club, consisting of several gifted students, eager to express their artistic ability in weekly assignments ranging from bamboo stick painting to mug sculpting.

      “[We made the] change from individual clubs to one single Art Space because of the desire for more structure considering the increasingly tightened budget,” Lenhert said.

      Heather Fatino, junior, is a member of this group.  Fatino said she enjoys excercising her privelage of creating artful propaganda.

      “I plan to carve me a pumpkin this week,” said Fatino.  “We do all kinds of unique things and it’s just a lot of fun.”

     Lenhert said she believes it is a great opportunity to have fun with other students while recieving a broad education of art and a chance to experience variety in the art field.

      “[That] is the primary goal of Art Space,” she said.